About Us

Growing up in Kalamazoo, we’ve seen first hand that this city has an amazing supply of two things: craft beer and creative people. We’re constantly inspired by the ideas making an impact here, and wanted to find a unique way to bring people together to talk, connect, and brainstorm.

With days full of emails, status updates, calendar reminders, and app notifications, it’s difficult to unplug, relax, and simply embrace our imaginations. Finding time to meet people with similar interests can be a real challenge. Because of this, creativity often takes a back seat to the daily demands of our lives.

Kalamadoodle is here to change all that. As a space dedicated to the growth of Kalamazoo’s creative and beer communities, Kalamadoodle encourages people to share their imagination with others in a fun and refreshing way. Through the acts of drawing, sketching, writing, and scribbling, we invite you to get involved in the community, and SHOW US YOUR DOODLES!